Frida Kahlo's

  • Event

  • Born on July 6th in Mexico City.

  • Suffers from poliomyelitis, an affliction which will be one of the determining factors in her inability to have children.

  • Accepted to the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (National Preparatory High School), a prestigious Mexican institution, in Mexico City. She had aspired to study medicine, but here she meets future Mexican intellectuals and artists, forming part of a group called The Cachuchas.

  • Automobile accident with grave consequences: multiple fractures in her spinal column and pelvis and other very serious injuries.

  • Begins to paint during her convalescence.

  • Meets Diego Rivera through her friend Tina Modotti in political meetings for the Communist Party, an organization that several of her Cachucha friends had joined and which Frida would formally join. Diego had been an activist since 1922.

  • Event

  • Marries Diego Rivera. The couple would live in Casa Azul, Frida's childhood home.

  • Suffers her first miscarriage. In November of this year they move to San Francisco for Diego Rivera's work.

  • Frida divorces Diego Rivera, to marry him again a year later.

  • Joins the Communist Party again as a result of her faith in the Revolution and in social improvements.

  • Remains hospitalized in the English Hospital for one year.

  • Casa Azul [The Blue House]

  • Frida's right leg is amputated due to the threat of gangrene.

  • Dies on July 13th in Casa Azul.