Appraisal of Works by Frida Kahlo

Kahlo Experts does appraisals of works by Frida Kahlo.

What type of appraisal do you need?

There are several reasons for getting an appraisal: to determine a value for taking out insurance, for tax or inheritance purposes, to transport the work, to know the value prior to buying or selling it, or to update previous appraisals to the current market value, among others.

Kahlo Experts provides a wide variety of appraisal services. We offer everything from a simple and informal evaluation for a general idea of the value to a formal and official appraisal with thoroughly detailed information.

Why are our appraisals better?

The service provided by Frida Kahlo Experts goes above and beyond an ordinary appraisal. Our appraisal is based on the artistic merit of the painting, taking into account more than auction house reports, dates of sale, or price guides. It is very difficult to quantify important works of art.  Artistic value goes beyond economic value. It takes years of professional training and experience in art to understand the difference between a good painting and a genuinely superior painting by the same artist.

In reality, the most critical consideration of a work is the subjective component, by which we evaluate the relative importance and significance of that work by the artist within all of his or her work. Not all paintings by the same artist are classified with the same value.

If you need a Frida Kahlo painting, drawing, or sketch appraised, we will give you a professional and trustworthy response. Please contact Frida Kahlo Experts.

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