Throughout her life, Frida produced around 200 works between paintings, drawings, and sketches. Of her 143 known paintings, 55 were self-portraits.

This is a small body of known works by comparison with the thousands of paintings that many artists produced.

Considering that Frida lived in quite a few places including California, Michigan, New York, and that she could have gifted paintings or drawings to some of the many people she had affairs with, and that she also knew many artists she could also have exchanged artworks with as artists routinely do, it is reasonable to think that we don’t have all the paintings or drawings Frida created and that there will be discoveries of new ones.

If you have a painting or drawing that appears to be a work by Frida Kahlo but is not known to be hers, we will be of great assistance to you. We take on pieces that are not registered and which sometimes have a mysterious origin.

We issue extensive authentication reports, fully referenced, deeply documented, and certificates of authenticity (COA).