Who should I
speak with to
authenticate my
Frida Kahlo piece?

The majority of those who try to provide art authentication services do not have the efficient and dedicated personnel that the job requires.

So if your painting is authentic, but it requires an effort greater than simple observation, it does not have much chance of being authenticated. Not to mention that most people probably do not have experience in the reconstruction and investigation of provenance. Frida Kahlo Experts offers a variety of services that allow us to cover all the branches required for a complete and reliable authentication.

Carrying out this task requires a group of researchers and analysts that work for you, searching for documentation in archives, newspapers, exhibition catalogs, museum information, bibliographies, etc.

Kahlo Experts has efficient professionals, highly regarded art historians, that will provide a complete series of services to investigate your piece and thus arrive at an efficient authentication, attribution, or appraisal.