Review of Works
by Frida Kahlo
That Have
Been Rejected

You have probably arrived at Kahlo Experts after a long road with other art specialists who have rejected your painting. You think that you have a high-quality painting on your hands, and a specialist rejected it without any analysis or study.

There are many reasons for rejections, and they usually don't refer specifically to the painting:

  • They did not understand the information you gave them.
  • The specialist is not really a specialist.
  • The painting you want to have analyzed is different than other well-known works by the artist.
  • It is not catalogued.
  • There is an absence of a chain of ownership.
  • There are specialists who only look at pieces that qualify for museums, without taking into account other types of works.
  • Some specialists don't know how to look at digital photos with a critical eye to come to a sound judgment.
  • Other similar reasons.

Your frustration is understandable, and we are at your service to complete a review of the work you would like analyzed. We have overturned rejections by seasoned "specialists" many times. Your painting deserves special consideration. To reach a conclusion, we complete rigorous analysis and meticulous investigations reflected in a report that we give you, in which you can analyze our opinion about your work.

We have helped many clients in similar situations. Please Contact us.