Formal or
Appraisal of
Works by
Frida Kahlo

The value of a work is determined by different factors:

  • The free market value is the price at which it could be sold in the free market between buyer and seller. This is the price that generally applies for donations, inheritances, and gifts.
  • The replacement value is that which would apply to replace it. This is taken for insurance values.
  • The liquidation value is an appraisal value that applies within limited time conditions, such as an inheritance or a divorce.

The reasons you might need an appraisal can be diverse: to take out insurance on the work, for tax purposes, to buy or sell the work, or to update an appraisal that was made previously.

Depending on the reason you need an appraisal value, Kahlo Experts offers their service using two types of appraisal: one official and the other informal.

An official appraisal is appropriate to provide to third parties when desiring to make a sale, to determine an inventory value, for tax purposes, or to import or export. �It is a study of the economic value of the work by means of comparison. We analyze market prices of works by a certain author that are similar to those we are trying to assess. The report consists of a detailed description of the piece and its evaluation.

Informal appraisal is appropriate for situations in which you need an immediate idea of value, a rapid price guide. It is the evaluation report of a work of art that is completed through a photograph provided by the client. This report serves as a market price reference if the work were authentic, but by no means does it guarantee authenticity. Whatever the purpose of the assessment, Frida Kahlo Experts can give you the appraisal that you need. Please call or write to us as indicated on our Contact page.