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Our group of Frida Kahlo experts offer authentication services to help our clients determine if they have a genuine Frida Kahlo.

Throughout her life, Frida produced around 200 works between paintings, drawings, and sketches, all relating to her life experiences, physical and emotional struggles, and turbulent relationship with Diego Rivera. Of 143 paintings, 55 were self-portraits.

The importance of her artwork, the complexity of her life, and her influence on post-revolutionary Mexican culture - where the muralism movement, led by her husband, was born - have been investigated from multiple perspectives, and many critical studies have been published about them.

The Authentication Process

The first step of authentication begins with our observation of your painting.

Investigation of Provenance

Provenance is the chain of ownership of a painting. If it is possible to reconstruct the provenance, it will be sufficient to demonstrate that the painting is authentic. Unfortunately, it is not always feasible to do so because records of the previous owners have been lost or forgotten. However, if it is possible, we should always reconstruct the provenance.

Stylistic Analysis, Scientific Tests, and Forensic Methods

In addition to picture analysis, our experts complete a stylistic study of the work, known as Morellian Analysis, through which they compare the analyzed piece with previous works by Frida Kahlo that have been confirmed as genuine. The Frida Kahlo Experts also draw upon a variety of scientific tests and forensic methods, such as digital fingerprinting and handwriting analysis, infrared photography, pigment analysis, and other useful investigative tools, to authenticate the work.

Certificate of Authenticity

Once a work by Frida Kahlo has been authenticated, a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) can be issued along with an explanatory report of the conclusion reached with the piece in question.

Investigation at an Affordable Price

The majority of Frida Kahlo authentications can be done at a reasonable price. In complicated cases, the price can increase. These cases might require special photography, such as X-ray photos, or making a trip to examine the work personally.

Frida Kahlo Experts Can Authenticate Your Work of Art

Since 2002, Kahlo Experts has assisted clients with paintings and drawings by Kahlo. We want to help you authenticate your Kahlo work today.